Module for calculating statically indetermiante structures using the force method


Main Features of the Software

Static Indeterminacy

Determining the degree of static indeterminacy

Primary System

Choosing primary system and formulating the cannonical equations of the force method

Calculating the Primary System

Calculating primary unknowns Xi

Stiffness Matrix

Calculating the unit displacement coefficients

Unit Load

Calculating the primary structure with unit load P

Free Terms

Free terms of canonical equations

Compatibility Equation

Computing of coefficients and free terms of equations

Support Reactions

Determining reactions at supports


Drawing of internal forces diagram - Bending Moment, Shear and Normal Forces

Structure Animation

Animation of the structure under user's inputted specification and automatic adoption of the primary system

Custom Sections

Possibility to build own sections and apply it to the structure

Validation of Calculations

Comparing results and MVN diagrams of different computational methods

Hand Calculations

Providing full, step-by-step hand calculations

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