Module for calculating geometrical properties


Main Features of the Software

Composite Parts

Breaking the cross sections into its composite parts. Determining the area, the location of centroid and centroidal moments of inertia for each element

Global Centroid

Determining the location of the centroid of the cross section

Principal Axes

Determining the angle defining a prinicpal axis

Principal Moment of Inertia

Determining the location of the principal moment of inertia

Moment of Inertia

Calculating the principal moment of inertia

Core of a Cross-Section

Determining core of a cross-section

Mohr's Circle

Determining the main stresses in the form of the Mohr's circle

Radius of Gyration

Determining the radius of gyration (inertia ellipse) of the cross-section

Eccentric Tension-Compression

Calculating stresses, the normal stress distribution, neutral axis equation

Hand Calculations

Providing full, step-by-step hand calculations

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