Module for calculatig statically indeterminate structures using the displacement method


Main Features of the Software

Kinematic Indeterminacy

Determining the degree of kinematic indeterminacy

Primary System

Adopting primary system and cannonical equations

Kinematic Chain

Computation of kinematic chain

Stiffness Matrix

Calculating the cannonical equations


Calculating internal forces and drawing diagrams: Bending Moment, Shear Normal Forces

Support Reactions

Determining reactions at supports


Reduction of statically determinate part of the structure

Custom Sections

Possibility to build own sections and apply it to the structure


Calculating displacements and rotations

Temperature Changes

Calculating the effect of temperature changes

Support Settlements

The effect of movement of support

Validation of Calculations

Comparing results and MVN diagrams of different computational methods

Hand Calculations

Providing full, step-by-step hand calculations

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