Module for calculating
statically determinate trusses


Main Features of the Software

Static Indeterminacy

Determining the degree of static indeterminacy

Support Reactions

Determining reactions at supports

Method of Joints

Determining the internal forces in each of the members (tension, compression and zero force members) using the method of joints

Method of Sections

Finding the internal forces of a truss by method of sections (Ritter's method)

Cremona Diagram

Determining the internal forces by drawing lines using the Cremona diagram

Cremona Animation

Providing animation animation showing how to draw Cremona diagram, step-by-step

Zero Force Members

Identyfing and automatic reduction of zero force members

Funicular Polygon

Determining supoort reactions from the funicular polygon

Influence Lines

Solving influence lines for members of a truss

Hand Calculations

Providing full, step-by-step hand calculations

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