Rectan presents unique AI algorithms which completely change the approach to solving engineering problems.

What can AI do?

AI reads and solves a wide range of engineering problems, from simple beams to complicated structures. Also generate all calculations to the step-by-step report, so you can understand more thanks to detailed instructions.

AI | Geometrical Properties

Artificial Intelligence analyzes a given system of plane areas and sections, then calculates the basic properties, including areas, centroids, angle of rotation, center of gravity, moments of inertia or moments of deviation for individual figures and the entire system. AI can also: calculate the core of a cross section, shear correction factor, eccentric tension-compression, and determine the main stresses in the form of the Mohr's circle.

AI | Statically Determinate Structures

AI analyzes the input system and calculates the reactions and forces in the system as if it were done by a human being, that is by classical methods. This applies to beams, frames and trusses (in this case the machine uses the method of Joints, the method of Sections or the Cremona-Maxwell method).

AI | Statically Indeterminate Structures

The computer also uses different techniques to solve statically indeterminate structures - force method, displacement method and finite element method (FEM). AI suggests how to calculate a given structure subjected to external loads, temperature changes, linear and angular displacements, and fabrication errors.

AI | Step-by-Step Calculations

AI can save all calculations to the step by step report in the form of a .docx file. Thanks to this, the student can analyze the given problem and learn how to solve it or check the correctness of the results while performing their own calculations.

AI | Validation of Calculations

AI compares the internal forces diagrams (MVN) of any computational methods, then determines the accuracy of the calculation. When the designated margin of error meets the requirements for correctness, the machine provides calculation to the user.

AI draws and teaches to solve problems like human-being

AI | Cremona Method

Artificial Intelligence analyzes the layout of a statically determinable truss and solves it graphically, drawing a plan of Cremona forces. AI can record its work in the form of step-by-step animation, which can later be used by students in understanding this computational method.

AI | Animation of a Given System

AI can generate a graphic animation displaying structure behaviours under user's inputted specifications. Thanks to this, it can automatically select a replacement system, i.e. a geometrically variable system (it allows it to calculate shifts, deflections and displacements).

AI | Testing and Learning

The system can build similar structures and test other algorithms. AI also tests entered problems into database with diffrent computational methods. Due to efficiency of the algorithm around seven hundred structures can be calculated per minute.

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